Overdata operations have been discontinued.


Most companies cannot compete in our fast-changing world because they do not understand what is happening fast enough.
Their valuable data is found in impractical databases and time-consuming spreadsheets, so their business insights are late and limited.
Existing business intelligence and analytics solutions require heavy data infrastructure and resources. Most companies, however, cannot afford it.

Our mission

At Overdata, our mission is to help businesses compete in a data-driven world.

We give data power to all companies without data resources.

Introducing qrunchin

Overdata’s technology is showcased in qrunchin, a data analysis tool that turns any spreadsheet into insights in one click.
It helps professionals understand performance faster, more accurately, with no extra work or data resources.

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The company was founded in 2022 by Rene-Andre Yebakima, following his career in corporate finance.
At Fortune 500 companies and at technology start-ups, he repeatedly faced the challenges of limited business insights and the need for accelerated data analysis, driving him to create a new type of solution.